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  • Castelluccio di Norcia
    Castelluccio di Norcia, Italy
  • Aufstieg zum Pass vom Cainavagge nach Gautelis, Norwegen
    Climp up to a pass from Cainavagge to Gautelis, Norway
    Photo: Lena & Thilo
  • Hagenburger Moor
    Hagenburger Moor, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Schmalsee bei Mölln
    Schmalsee close to Mölln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Misselhorner Heide
    Misselhorner Heide, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Kreuzung E1 und E3
    Crossing of E1 and E3 on top of the "Großer Feldberg", Taunus, Germany

The E1 European Long Distance Path takes you through seven countries from North Cape in Norway to mid-Italy. This website can help you experience this extraordinary path and help you contact other hikers and adventurers.

NB:This website has been originally written in German. The English translation is still being done. If you find any errors or just want to suggest a better translation, please leave a post in the Forum.
Norway, Finland & Sweden

Norway, Finland & Sweden

about 3.250 km in 3 countries
from North Cape to Southern Sweden


375 km in 16 stages
from Grenå to Padborg


1.900 km in 76 stages
from Flensburg to Lake Constance


340 km in 14 stages
from Lake Constance - Gotthard - Morcote


about 2.000 Kilometer - some parts still missing
from Porto Ceresio to Capo Passero

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E1 stages by country

NB: This website has been originally written in German. The English translation is still being done and will be added and improved step-by-step.

Please help us to improve the quality of the translations by adding corrections and suggestion in our Forum.